Real Brides Can Have Real Fabulous Weddings

Everyone is feeling the economic stress. Either directly or indirectly. So don’t be ashamed if you have to negotiate prices with your vendors. The key is to get the best prices as well as being fair to the vendor. Reasonable is the keyword here. Don’t be insulting. You only humiliate yourself.

Bridal Gowns that once retailed at $6,000.00, floor samples, can probably be sold at a fraction of the price. Instead of getting married on Saturday one of the most expensive days in the wedding industry, how about a Friday night or Sunday brunch?!
Flowers, buy in season. Menu, do light foods work with the chef in selecting your menu. Wedding cakes why not get desserts. Photographer, shop around, look into photography schools or fashion photographer or their assistants.  But I wouldn’t be to cheap when it comes to that area, that is the last thing you will have to remember your wedding. There are plenty of vendors that are willing to work with you to accomplish your goals.
Be respectful and fair. Remember this is your dream they are here to help facilitate it.

Celebrity Weddings Can be Obtained by All Budgets

Celebrity Weddings Can be Obtained by All Budgets


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