A Race To The Alter- Real Bride Nana Eyeson

Hey Ladies,

My name is Nana Eyeson and I am the newest member of The World Bride family. As contributing editor and a fellow bride to be–JULY 18, 2009 to be exact! I’ve been asked to take you ladies along with me on my journey to the alter.. Girls its no joke 🙂 But its WORTH IT!

I like most of you have found the man of my dreams, he proposed, I said yes actually I repeated “is that for me” over and over until a passerby shouted “yes its for you” But I digress. And though we initially thought an intimate wedding in Jamaica would be attainable … we quickly realized that as two children of crazy “African” parents that was not an option. Africans don’t do anything intimate 🙂 I mean heck my mother is one of 14, so you get the idea.

So here we go… 250+ guest later, and 110 days to go the process has began!

As for the inspiration to my madness, its been a bit hard to explain. As I want regal, classic black tie elegance with a chic African twist. And that can sometimes get confused for “Coming to America” and though it was one of my favorite movies not so much for my wedding.

However, the colors were easy to decide on as, my favorite color of all time is Purple… So we are doing a deep purple & cream, with hints of chocolate brown and gold.

So ladies that’s what I have so far… please let me know your thoughts!

Stay tuned -Nana

Blushing Bride To-Be

Blushing Bride To-Be

setting the mood

setting the mood

Creating the Visual

Creating the Visual

The Perfect Details

The Perfect Details

13 thoughts on “A Race To The Alter- Real Bride Nana Eyeson

  1. It’s going to be a beautiful day…trust me. Planning such a large affair with people of varying views and ideas can be challenging to say the least. See through all of potential issues with in-laws, vendors, etc and remember what all of this symbolizes…

    You are strong and determined. July 18th will be a magnificent start to an even more magnificent life.

    Stay strong and stay focused!!!

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