‘Cure- For Your Wedding Planning Blues

Planning a wedding can take at toll on ones’ body and spirit.  Daily stress of life and planning a wedding in this stressful economy can quickly become a burden and rob you of your joy of planning your nuptials.  How do you enjoy one of life’s most precious gifts, marriage without breaking the bank?  Spa Day!  We found one of the best place to cure your wedding planning blues, ‘Cure Beauty Bar, in the heart of Brooklyn New York.

This quaint location offers just what the doctor ordered, within everyone’s budget for the kind of first class service you receive.   On the menu you can request services such as spa manicure and pedicure with the natural products with ingredients like natural sea salts, almond oil, vitamin E, to name a few.  Nail lacquers from the likes of Essie, OPI, Chanel and M2M damoreJon.

Facials using the most natural ingredients that extract all the polluted substances that any environment bestows on ones daily walk of life.   Body massages that will leave your body lithless; your mind and spirit will feel as though you are floating in some watery deep as you wander beyond the brick jungle of any city living.

To experience this Urban Oasis please visit http://www.curebk.com and schedule your appointment with the quickness.  Appointments go booked pretty fast at this location with good reasons.

A great time to experience this maybe Spa Week where introductory prices will only entice the most weakest of pockets and weak of “soles” when it comes to self indulgence.

Snatch yourself a gift certificate for your bridal party, your new in-laws and quite frankly yourself.

'Cure- Your Wedding Planning Get Away Hot Spot

'Cure- Your Wedding Planning Get Away Hot Spot


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