The Perfect Sunday-At Papyrus

dscf2248Planning ones wedding can be the most stressful project. But it should be the most festive event of ones life.

How do you go about capturing the joy of the whole experience? Stop and smell the roses. Take a moment and realize this should not be a hardship. Those working with you should also contribute to the enjoyment of the occasion.

Today I attended a great event hosted by Papyrus Paper in SoHo. The vendors that participated in it were a joy to be around. Small business owners that take pride in their work and their gift.   These artist put their best foot forward to share their work and their desire to participate in your joyous occasion.

Please visit these amazing vendors in their respected establishments support them in all they do because they truly love what they do.

The Bridal Reflection, Swarvoski, The Big Apple Florist, Linda C Smith Photographer, Kristen Therese makeup, Ryan Darius Salon, JE- Jarrell Entertainment,  m2m damorejon, ‘Cure Beauty Bar and Cake Alchmey.dscf2257dscf2241dscf2242dscf2246dscf2273dscf2276


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