09 Bonnie and Clyde- Danger Winding Road Ahead….21 days to the big shoot out

Count down

Twenty-one days and counting… I haven’t heard from the DJ. I refuse to panic. NYC is bursting from the seams with djs so I’ll figure it out. BUT it would be great if the one that I LIKE (who I’ve scheduled to do my wedding) would call me back!

I heard from my bridesmaids that some of them don’t have their dresses or haven’t done a fitting yet. Hmmm… Will call and email my designer…

Twenty days and counting…had my walk thru with the designer Tammy Polatsek yesterday. She is just AMAZING! She walked in and waved her hands around and I felt like Cinderella. Clear tables! New cushion covers! Orchids and crystals! Hot pink flowers! For once there was someone on the same page as me. I felt like a “you’re in good hands with Allstate” commercial. Okay deep exhale.

Check out her work at: http://www.aristocraticbytammy.com/ JUST AMAZING!

Nineteen days and counting…still haven’t heard from the DJ. WTF?! Haven’t gotten the update I requested on the bridesmaid dresses either. I know my wedding isn’t the only event happening in the world right now, but do we live in AFRICA?! I mean 24-48 hours is a reasonable amount to expect a call back in America right? In NYC, (which is a country in itself) where life moves faster than the speed of light, 3 hours is more than reasonable. Am I crazy? Unreasonable? I think not. Right now, I’m rating a 6 on the ‘Freak Out Meter’ and a 3 on the ‘Nervous Breakdown Cry and Throw Things Meter’ so I guess I’m doing okay. Not for long if this nonsense continues.

I still don’t have my hotel room booked. I had a couple of friends working on the hotel hook-up but again…no response there. WHY IS EVERYONE IGNORING ME?! My mama always said, “When you want something done right just do it yourself.” Mama is SO right! Looks like I will be on priceline.com tonight.

On a more positive note, I picked up the necklaces for my bridesmaids and the mothers last week and they were perfect. The mother of pearl, odd shaped stones, three-strand pearl necklace is a modern twist on your grandma’s pearls. The necklace will sit on the base of the neck and twist around slightly- Very Chic. With everyone’s busy schedule (especially my own) the next challenge is getting each necklace to each girl. I wish I had a personal assistant.

3 thoughts on “09 Bonnie and Clyde- Danger Winding Road Ahead….21 days to the big shoot out

  1. Toya stop squeeshing up your face your gonna get wrinkles 🙂 and just breathe in the end it will all work out and tell those damn bridesmaids to get on the phone with the designer and get their damn dresses and you can hand out all the gifts at the rehearsal.


  2. Darling Hang in there OMG!!! 1 week away. Is it coming together! You and Mr. Clyde are amazing.



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