Things we love: Absolute Shine Brilliance!



We at World Bride know how important it is for a bride-to-be to have perfect hair not only on her big day but for all of the important days leading up to it, the dress fittings, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner and so many more. I’ve been searching high and low for a product that gives great shine but allows me to keep my volume after a fresh blowout or roller set and I’ve found the PERFECT fix!






Bumble and Bumble BB. Shine $35.00




After arriving home from the salon I searched high and low for something that would give my  thick double-processed  hair the perfect shine. After falling head over heels with the packaging and reading a line or two just long enough to see how far away I should hold the spray (lets face it, the package had already had me at hello) I applied the light mist all over my mane. The result? Smooth locks with a brilliant shine and I still had the volume that I live for 🙂 You can too! Top off your perfect bouffant, your luxurious spirals or even your bone straight strands with this magic in a bottle. Not only does it do the trick immediately, the package doesn’t look too bad hanging around your bathroom either 😉

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