A Piece of the City: Miso Restaurant in DUMBO, Brooklyn


We love finding new sights, sounds and seasonings around the city, the state, the country and beyond. Today we wandered into DUMBO, which for non-newyorkers stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a quaint little piece of the Brooklyn borough filled with art, architecture and luxury. Upon our many sightings was a small sushi restaurant tucked beneath an eye-catching yellow structure. We just had to go inside and boy were our taste buds glad we did.



We were far to hungry to think to photograph the adorable presentation that came to our table but thankfully after taking a bite of just a few rolls we were able to get this picture of our light dinner. The menu was moderately priced, the ambiance soothing and the service impeccable (I believe I’ve found my new fave sushi restaurant). We’d recommend Miso as a great place to grab lunch or a light dinner. Its conveniently located right next to Starbucks allowing for a nice coffee to top of your meal. Our total for two California rolls and an order of Miso soup came to just over $10, I think we might be on to something 😉


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