A Gift to Cherish

Wedding can be both fun and financially taxing, especially in this economy.  But it doesn’t have to be if you plan correctly.   WBM took the liberty of tracking some of our favorite companies and some of their greatest products they have to offer as gifts to your wedding party.

Giving should not be a burden nor a financial strain on your pocket.  But giving should not be done half heartily either.   A gift should be something useful to its recipients.  How many toasters can one get, or vases, dish sets, and so on.   But personal items given like perfume should also be given with care as each person has a difference scent of smell and style.

The internet is a powerful tool when it comes to getting great ideas and products.   Some finds that we have used and would highly recommend as gifts.

Dermona,  beautifully packaged gold gift box filled with the secrets of traditional Korean herbal medicine.  Skin Vitalizer, Essence Nutrition, Herbal Cream, and Wrinkle & White Cream.   This beau amazing set of products not only work well for my sensitive skin but  are small enough to pass through custom when traveling I found.  http://www.worldica.com or http://www.worldcamail.com.

Champagne Key, what a practical gift.  This great household item is great for exactly what it says opening up your Champagne bottle.  No more threat of taking your eye or one of your guests.  This elegant piece of hardware is quite beautiful and very well packaged.  http://www.cheftools.comor http://www.rsvp-intl.com

Party Survival Kit, this mini kit is great for brides who are preparing gift bags for their traveling guests.  It comes fully equipped with basic essentials shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. On their site you can be selective of the kind of gift set you want to purchase.  http://www.korress.com

Choclatique- Chocolates out of the box, make great wedding favors for those who are lovers of Chocolate.  This small treat designed in a small replica of a wedding cake is a big hit to satisfy your sweat tooth.

Closetry- this company is headed by the ever so fabulous Mark-Alan Harmon, visit http://www.closetry.com and see so many great gift  ideas from closet hangers, paper, shoe stuffers  to suit your every needs.

There is really happiness in both giving and receiving with those great finds and you don’t have to break your bank to do so.

Champagne Key

Champagne Key

Draw saches by Closetry

Draw sachets by Closetry



Party Survival Kit

Party Survival Kit



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