Creating Your Food Wedding Budget without Breaking the Bank

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding. We all want our guest to enjoy themselves and rant and rave about how it was the best wedding ever! We generally have dreams of magnificent ice sculptures, unlimited food and alcohol. Then the bill comes and we snap back into reality. Don’t worry, the wedding of your dreams can and will come to life all while respecting your budget. There are many ways to be frugal, especially in the food and drinks department. Don’t shy away from your creative side.

The last wedding I attended had heavy self serve appetizers instead of the hefty cost for plates of filet Mignon per person. They displayed a variety of things such as salads, meat and mini tacos. They even had pepper steak and rice in the cutest Chinese cartons.(They even came with chopsticks.) It was fun, creative and guests loved it.

Instead of doing an open bar for 5 hours, why not consider shortening it down to 3 hours. Serve a few wine options, beer options and well liquor. This will allow your guests to still enjoy cocktails and you save a few dollars. Of course you must have dessert. Cupcake Towers are more popular then ever! You can do traditional yellow cake, chocolate cake or red velvet. This way you can mix up flavors, they even have chicken and waffle cupcakes! (If your into that.)

So for creative ways of entertaining your guests in the food department you may want to check out:


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