Doing your hair for your wedding can be complicated. You never want your hairstyle to upstage your jewelry, dress or makeup. All of these features should compliment each other. From long luscious locks to a naturalista your do is like the cherry on the top of the sundae. So you must get it right. You can wear hair accessories, a veal or just a plain up do. What ever you do own it!

A head band or a simple flower is great way to express yourself, especially if your dress is simple.

Just because you are wearing a veil does not mean you cant accessorize. Just keep it simple.

The locks just gave this head piece a new look.

For my twist out ladies!

For my ladies with long natural curls it is really easy to just throw some shiny accessories or flowers in there.

You can never go wrong with a classic up do.

Braids are in this season. Be a fashionista for your wedding day!

Some of WBM’s favorite accessory companies:

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