City View Loft

It goes without saying planning a wedding can be stressful. Between the dress, your groom and seating arrangements  you can find yourself overwhelmed quickly. Every aspect of a wedding  has the potential of being a nightmare, but thanks to the wedding gods finding a venue doesn’t have to be.

City View Loft is Chicago’s Premier all inclusive Venue .  Located just 5 minute from downtown Chicago it has claimed the name as the “one-stop-wedding-shop.” Owner Jousha Yates decided to combine his two businesses Pure Kitchen Catering  and Revolt Events, birthing City View Loft. The Venue offers the couple the opportunity to customize the space.   Yates vision is to make wedding planning simple and enjoyable.  City View Loft works with specific vendors to ensure your day is one of a kind.

The Loft is 4500 sq feet and features exposed brick with floor to ceilings windows that frame the skyline.  At night the space is extremely romantic, the tall windows allow the night sky and stars to be a part of the room. During the day, the room is kissed by natural sunlight.

Revolt Events provide all your wedding needs from transportation to floral.  The event team can transform a vintage to modern day themes effortlessly.  You will simply fall in love with their creative design. Pure kitchen catering offers simple, elegant and modern dishes that your guests will crave.  The dishes all come from the hands of Chief Nick Lacasse who competed on Bravos around the world in 80 Plates.

City View Loft is ahead of its time.  The open floor plan will have the couple to be day dreaming, better yet they will see their vision come to life.  City View Loft is located at 342 N. Leavitt in Ukrainian village.  Visit their website for details.

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