Let the Music Play


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As I prepare myself to enter the room of the legendary Blue Note in New York City, I can’t help but get excited about the icon I was about to witness up close and personally; none other than Ron Carter.

Described by many as a gentleman’s gentleman. The most prolific musician of all time. He single-handedly put the bass player in the front of a band. Made a bass player a band leader! Brilliant.

Most known for his association with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Lena Horne, Wayne Shorter, and Billy Cobham to name a few.

Mr. Carter has been in over 2,500 recordings and counting, and also continues to tour domestically and internationally.

As the music begins, after the audience dies down from a loud welcome of applause, they begin to play their set and rock the room. Silence of voices, in what could be a noisy room, with the exception of the musician, is all you can hear. The sway of bodies to the sound of the beat, taping of the feet, the snap of your fingers, the bobbing of heads to the rhythm of the music is all you can see in the room.

It is that exact moment that this story came to me. The importance of music in one of the most important moment in ones life, the union of two lives. It is that very moment when words can no longer express your joy that music says it all. The rhythm takes over where emotions leave off.

Two of my favorite songs are “Autumn Leaves” and “Funny Valentine.” To hear Ron Carter play both of those tunes truly made those songs come alive for me.

In that very small, intimate room, in a crowd filled with strangers it was meaningful and the performers stood out most.

It was that very room that I first saw another beloved icon I also loved, Tito Puente.  Later in life, I also brought my daughter to see the ever so brilliant goddess, Kathleen Battle.

Those precious memories are what create those moments, by having a live band. It brings the audience into a space that allows them to reflect on the occasion. It lends to the dignity of the occasion and the intimacy between the crowd and the performer.

So if music is a challenge for you deciding whether to hire a DJ, a live band, or bring your iPod, think it through.

Who are your guests? How much do they appreciate music? What does music play for both you and your lover.

Whichever your choice, enjoy and respect the music.

Image courtesy of Mangue Banzima for http://www.quistyle.com.


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