Welcome the Silver Branch Collection


The new spring collection for Shaune Leane has arrived and  delivers the most exquisite gold vermeil pieces one can imagine.

The new collection is one of 5  Shaune Leanes silver collections. What makes this collection remarkable is how it encapsulates nature.  The line uses white moonstones and pearls along with gold vermeil to create a organic structure.  The pearl necklace and Gold vermeil branch attract rays from light, which reflects the warmth from the gold and the pearls. The gold adds statement while maintaining the classic timeless look of the pearls.

Another asset to the booming collection is the highly polished Gold Branch Ring.  A beautiful Pearl sits in the center of the ring while being protected by two branches. The arrangement encompasses peace and stillness upon the wearer. To accompany the necklace comes a  branch style Earring .  The branches dance around a pear shaped stud in the center. This piece embodies the modern minimal approach of the line.

These pieces are also available in silver.

Gold Vermeil Silver Branch Multi Bracelet Gold Vermeil Silver Branch Moonstone Earrings Size 2

Gold Vermeil Silver Bracelet            Gold Vermeil Silver Bracelet 2

Silver Branch Single BraceletSilver Branch and Pearl Drop Earrings

Silver Branch Single Bracelet      Silver Branch and Pearl Drop Earing

Visit shaunleane.com for details.

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