Super Foods For Superb Skin

Looking your best everyday can be hard work.  Between finding the right outfit, doing your hair and perfecting your makeup it can overwhelming.  Did you know consuming certain  foods can help cut down the cost of your makeup?  Maintaining a healthy diet will add all the proper nutrients to your body and eliminate the need for excessive makeup.  Below you will find 5 super food that will allow you to obtain beautiful, flawless, makeup less skin.

Olive Oil

This miracle oil has been proven to be jack of all trades.  Traditionally it aids in making a tasty meal but can also be used as a deep moisturizer.  People have used olive oil as a source of moisture for decades so image what consuming it more often can do for your skin.  The oil aids your skin by adding lubrication which attracts vitamin A. Vitamin A helps prevent premature aging. Try adding olive oil to your salad instead of a thick creamy dressing.  This will ensure you’ve gotten your dose for the day and provide your skin with the moisture it craves.


Fish provides fatty acids to the body. Fatty acids help reduce inflammation that can can cause acne.  Inflammation in the skin can also cause wrinkles down the line.  Tuna and salmon are high in fatty acids and when consumed regularly can promote acne free skin.


Ditch the white foods, especially potatoes.  When consumes too regularly potatoes,rice and pasta boost our insulin levels which lead to breakouts.  Grains such as brown rice and wheat bread have been proven to be a better option, especially for the digestive system.


This tasty leaf has antioxidants and nutrients. Spinach has lutein which helps keep your eyes healthy and ads a sparkle.  Spinach also has vitamin B,C and E.  You cannot go wrong with picking this leaf.


Walnuts contain many health benefits such as smoother skin and healthy hair. You only need a handful to take advantage of the vitamin E.  Simply add to your salad or yogurt for a vitamin E packed meal.


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