This Just In!


Ensuring your skin is flawless the day of your wedding is a process.  Caring for your skin properly involves using the best products and it can get pricey.

There are over thousands of over the counter creams you can use to hydrate your skin that posses anti aging properties, but a natural solution is always ideal.   This Just In coconut oil is marvelous! In the past the fatty oil received a bad rap for causing heart disease. Recent studies have discovered the opposite.

Coconut milk, oil and water are now more popular than ever. Coconut oil has proven itself to be the ideal moisturizer. It does the trick when trying to hydrate rough feet, knees or elbows. It also helps with chronic skin conditions like eczema because it is a anti-inflammatory. This is the only oil that holds anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory and hydrating properties. Can we say miracle oil? The oil is saturated in fats so it repairs the skin while trapping water. Massaging the oil under your eyes the night before will give you smooth look the next day. This is a great way to impress your mate or make your eyes radiant if you are still seeking that special someone.

The miracle oil aids building back protein in your hair promoting hair growth. Damaged and undamaged hair can benefit from the oil because it penetrates the hair shaft. Coconut oil also has anti aging effects. It is your all around skin and hair care regimen. Professionals do recommend that people with acne prone skin be careful not to overload themselves with the oil because it may cause breakouts. Last but not least the smell is amazing! It will get you in the mood for long vacations and pina coladas, just in time for spring.

You can find coconut oil infused products at or even your local drug store.




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