Quick Fun Way to Nail Yourself a Beautiful Set of Tips


I find that it is often difficult to get all your girlfriends, bridesmaids in the same room at the same time to get a beauty services. Either the place is to small and can’t accomodate you all at the same time or they don’t provide the services you all need.

So getting a manicure is a pretty fun and easy process for those who have nails. But for the nail bitters, it gets pretty uncomfortable watching the manicurist struggle to find your free edge as she tries to file your nails.

Well we decided to share with you a video that can be fun and with great steady hand and patience you can pop on some Kiss artificial nails that will last you three days if you don’t get hungry, nervous and want to chew them off.

So just remember beauty should be fun. Both the process and the experience. But if you can make it a party theme it will be a night to remember. So enjoy your wedding planning and all the festivities that come with it.


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