Cayman Islands Fashion Week 2014: Artistic Elegance at the Yumi Katsura Presentation


Cayman Islands Fashion Week 2014: Artistic Elegance at the Yumi Katsura Presentation

by Victor Amos


Our first stop during Cayman Island Fashion Week 2014 was the Yumi Katsura bridal presentation. The event was held at the beautiful and prestigious National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, and we couldn’t think of a more fitting venue.

We were greeted by the ornately manicured property of the National Gallery; complete with lush green lawns and floral-wrapped trellises. Serving as a backdrop for the Yumi Katsura presentation was the current exhibition: ‘Jamaican Art: 1960s & 1970s’. The exhibition featured emotionally-stimulating paintings and sculptures on loan from the National Gallery of Jamaica. Although it seemed it would be impossible to upstage such a setting, the dresses that soon came to fill the room took all of my attention.

The gowns that graced the gallery were worthy of their company. They consisted of intricate frocks flowing of silk charmuese, silk chiffon, French tulle, and lace…adorned by woven patterns of Swarovski crystals. In short, fashions deserving of a queen. What fascinated me most about the dresses, were how they were decidedly elegant, while at the same time fashion-forward. Many of the dresses featured an element that I like to refer to as “peek-a-boo texture.” Underneath layers of pristine white fabric lied little details of ruching, beading, and textured lace patterns, adding a decidedly modern and artistic twist to the garments. Overall the collection was smart, fashion-forward, unique and left a lasting impression.




Paulette Cleghorn of Yumi Katsura



Cayman Islands Fashion Week

Cindy Rosan Jones
Founder & Executive Producer

Terry Donovan
Co-Producer & Fashion Show Producer

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