Own A Piece Of America: Rancho Santa Fe







Destination weddings involve more than just picking a location, sending out invites, and hoping everyone who r.s.v.p.’d shows up.  It requires complete and thoughtful planning.

While planning your nuptials locally, your  concerns may be a bit more simple, perhaps because your vendors are easily accessible to you.  Your primary focus will most likely be choosing a venue that will accommodate your sense of style, your budget, and your guest count.  You may go so far as to take into consideration driving accommodations to and from the location, as well as parking on the grounds.

Local vendors may prove to be more accessible for meetings, making you feel more at ease with your choice of doing business with them.

There is a big contrast when your wedding is not being held locally. What makes you feel more secure about the services you are going to receive?

You are completely at the mercy of management, internet reviews, and writers (such as magazines, like ours), hoping for an honest review about the experience at an establishment.

Thus the reason why we at WBM take it very seriously when we seek out venues, vendors, hotels, restaurants, caterers, florists, photographers and everything else that encompasses your big day.  We realize that what we put in writing will affect one of the most important moments of your life.

As one of our favorite states in America, California continues to maintain a warm spot in our hearts.  It is the state where the sun kisses your skin daily and the views are magnificent from one region to the next. On this trip, we decided to visit Rancho Santa Fe. This beautiful region totally impressed us with its rich history and Mexican-inspired architecture, which remains a part of its current lifestyle.


078Anna Rose_Arturo






Our wedding location of choice would be Rancho Valencia a Relais & Châteaux property, right in the heart of this town. The view, before you even get to the grounds, proves to be breathtaking. You will realize, during the scenic ride to the property, that you have left all your cares and stress back at the airport!

The grounds are perfectly manicured, and the top-class service begins as soon as you hit the parking lot, complete with valet parking. The front desk is stationed through the courtyard of this brilliant piece of architecture that was built with the intent of complimenting  the Mediterranean-inspired grounds. Thirty million dollars was invested to assure that your stay proved to be nothing but the best.  This five-star resort makes promises that it has every intentions of keeping.

After checking into our three-bedroom suite with its private Jacuzzi, full kitchen, bathroom in each room, and a chef-like kitchen, a patio that clearly makes you feel at home, I knew that nothing would go wrong.  After dropping our bags in our suite, we walked the grounds to get familiar with our surroundings.

The property is fully equipped with a full-service spa, fitness center, yoga space, swimming pool, tennis court and walking trail, which will bring you total peace. As if that wasn’t enough, the private areas for weddings are only one step short of perfection. You have a choice of having your wedding in the outdoor space on the property, or for a larger group, the ballroom space, which is more than suitable for the absolutely pickiest client.

This piece of paradise is not only fit for a queen, but his royal highness will be more than pleased with the private room that will enchant him and his groomsmen. From The Pony Room, The Wine Room, to the Veladora, nothing about this space will disappoint you.






009Anna Rose_Arturo


On top of that, the food is absolutely divine.  As you know, we are sticklers for customer service, and the Rancho Valencia food and beverage team did not disappoint us in that area. We were more than pleased with our treatment, the menu, and the list of options for all our dining needs.

If you decide not to drive in, Porsche has partnered with Rancho Valencia to provide you luxury at your fingertips. Why Porsche?  Why not?  Porsche is the how you spell luxury. The location calls for it, why not go all out and enjoy the toys that come along with it during your stay. The history of the brand is enchanting enough to enjoy it at the very least during your wedding or honeymoon stay and not feel guilty.

In addition to the already listed amenities, Rancho Valencia has a list of preferred vendors that will make sure your day is as perfect as you imagined it. And if after your day is completed and you just can’t imagine not being able to enjoy all of these amenities again, you are offered the opportunity to own a piece of paradise.





“Along with what may be the world’s most perfect climate, owners at Rancho Valencia enjoy a refined and quiet sensibility—the glamour of old Hollywood, the thrill of Del Mar racing, the simple pleasure of a picnic at the beach.  It’s an inviting place where families come together, friends are made and life is cherished.”




May your quest for the right destination be filled with joy and great excitement.   For us at WBM we will continue to journey across the globe to find you some of the worlds greatest Hidden Treasures.

For The Bride Who… Isn’t Afraid to Make Her Day a Royal Fantasy

For the Bride Who…
Isn’t Afraid to Make Her Day a Royal Fantasy

by Saroyah

Sound familiar? We’ve all seen it: the woman who has dreamed of her day since she could barely walk. She’s spent the time perfectly curating her Pinterest wedding board—maybe it’s not even on private. Personally, I’ve always envied these women, stalking their fairytale table decorations and flowery runways. She doesn’t shy away from being perfectly over the top, and it totally works.


ElieSaab cinerellas envy


Elie Saab revived the dress for this bride in his Spring/Summer 2014 couture collection. Crossing the border between floral romanticism and dream-like fantasy, it seems that almost nothing was off limits to the designer. Sheer gowns of all shapes and sizes and vibrant colors, ranging from pale pinks to dark purples and blues, and even—not for the faint of heart—black gowns, made quite the impression on the runway. The collection was fit for the cast of a beautiful fairytale.



It is this royal vibe that carried over into his collection for Pronovias, Elie by Elie Saab. In a season dominated by plunging backs, large bows and off-the-shoulder sleeves, Elie Saab has chosen to take a definitively distinct approach—restoring this wedding fantasy to the bridal world with a modern twist. Think Kate Middleton meets glamorous 1920s movie star. The combinations of lace overlay and full, delicate sleeves temper plunging necklines, keeping the designs classic.





A similar feeling is evident in Ersa Atelier’s 2015 collection. Ersa is the product of two Romanian sisters who began designing gowns ten years ago and have since achieved great success, winning countless awards across the globe. Their designs stem from the idea that a dream can become a physical reality. Using rare, handmade materials these dresses would work perfectly in a royal wedding or that of a Southern belle, since they are inspired by traditional balls. The beautifully full skirts, tulles, and light lace tops in variant neutrals are something truly breathtaking. These are the dresses for the girl who knows her wedding is the chance to be a princess, if only for a day.






Elie Saab available at Pronovias stores / http://www.pronovias.us
Ersa Atelier available at Dimitra’s Bridal, 1011 Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611 / 312-787-0920 / info@dimitrasbridal.com

For the Bride Who… Doesn’t Shy from a Sexy Slip

For the Bride Who…
Doesn’t Shy from a Sexy Slip

by Saroyah

Vera Wang’s Spring 2015 collection has something for every bride. Whether you’re the type who loves to show off your slender physique or prefers to retain a more classic, voluminous style, Vera Wang has the dress for you. The designs range from silk slips to finely embellished ball gowns and from classic A-lines to fit and flare mermaids. This is what arguably makes her collection so unique—it doesn’t quite put anyone off.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.04.43 AM

Perhaps the most unifying quality of her collection is its appearance as a set. Looking at them, you almost get a sense that they were designed for the cast of a ballet, each one serving a different purpose, fitting a specific role. And just as Vera Wang has designed these dresses for a multitude of characters and personalities, so too do they fit a variety of brides. They are all delicate, lady-like, and full of class. Yes, even the slip dress, with its slinky fabric and plunging V-neck, is somehow among the most elegant designs this season. It is understated, yet sexy and not too risqué. Each one is different, but, in essence, the same.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.04.59 AM

The all-white collection is extremely feminine, and it shares a similar feel to that of Amanda Garrett. A Sydney based designer, Garrett has been designing for over 30 years, with much success among celebrities and brides who wish to feel the transformative power of a dress. Garrett describes her recent collection as “poetic glamour,” and we couldn’t agree more. While her dresses are not as ornate as Vera Wang’s, they do present the same minimalist, utterly feminine look. There is something to be said of the draped chiffon, crystal beading, and simply cut silk organza gowns. The dresses are almost undone in appearance—they are so simple, but nothing is missing.

Both designers are perfect for the woman who is looking for a contemporary look. While the dresses are, as a whole, relatively simple and somewhat understated, they are perfect for a clean, elegant wedding. They also leave plenty of room for accessorizing, so maybe that ornate, glittering veil won’t seem as extravagant anymore. Both are sophisticated; they will seduce. Both exude a feeling of glamour lost in time but are simultaneously, unquestionably modern.

Vera Wang available at Vera Wang Flagship stores, see http://www.verawang.com/# for a store near you
Amanda Garrett available at multiple locations across the United States, see http://www.amandagarrett.com/Retailers.aspx for local retailers

Location Location Location – The Carlyle Is All That Jazz


The Carlyle Hotel in New York City has to be one of the most historically fashionable hotels to date. Besides having a history of housing some of history’s most influential people, it has also been known to be one of New York’s jazziest nightspots. Some of our favorite iconic performers have walked these grounds and performed in the night club, including Eartha Kitt, Rita Moreno, Bobby Short, and most recently, iconic bassist, Ron Carter  (accompanied by world famous guitarist, Russell Malone).

My first experience with The Carlyle was some 10 years ago, visiting the late Eartha Kitt before her performance. Her brilliantly decorated and perfectly maintained in-house apartment was astounding. From the doorman who greets you at curbside to the elevator operators, ALL of the staff lavish you with the white glove treatment. Literally. Frequent there enough and you will notice that they will know your name. Which, to me, speaks volumes.

The rooms and suites are some of the lushest environments you will want to call your home, whether it is for the night, the week, or you tie the knot. Your guests will be enchanted by the impeccable service they will receive. The comfort of their beds and the exquisite dining, be it an in-house restaurant or room service, will not leave them disappointed.


Recently, I had the opportunity to host an event at The Carlyle, and we have to say that everything was first class and polished to perfection! We are sticklers for great customer care. We value the treatment of our readers, thus the reason why we are very hands-on with every business and service we recommend in writing. If it is not inspected and experienced by one of our writers, it won’t be written about. No exceptions.


The Carlyle NYC_Lobby


So, with great pleasure, we present The Carlyle Hotel as a location to consider for your wedding reception and honeymoon stay.  You will not be disappointed.





The intimacy that the event space provides makes it worth every dime. When you’ve waited your entire life for this moment of love, the magic you want to create with your new mate should begin in the same fashion you want it to be for the rest of your relationship: With style and elegance. What better way to send that message to each other and share it with your loved ones than at The Carlyle?

Make no mistake, this is not a cheap date. It will cost you, like anything of value which is meant to be cherished. So, when planning your wedding or honeymoon, you will need to evaluate what is more important to you in the grand scheme of things.

But I think you can appreciate that some experiences in life are just worth having and checking-off from your to-do list.


Reasons Why

The three most important things for a person looking to plan any event are (1) location, (2) location, and (3) LOCATION! Why is that so important when planning your wedding? It will not only become a factor in your wedding plans, it will also set the tone for the kind of wedding your guests can expect, even before they arrive.

Location will determine how your guests will arrive. They will need to plan ahead based on where they live.

Location will determine the parking situation for your guests. They will need to plan for whether parking is available on-site or off-site, and the cost involved.

Location will set the tone for your guests and the kind of wedding you are having. That includes the dress code, theme, and the ambiance that the space provides.

These are some things you should take into consideration when planning your nuptials. So, for your jazz lovers and history lovers, The Carlyle just might be the piece of history you have always wanted to have for your wedding day!



Conspicuously Clooney



Conspicuously Clooney

by Mario Wilson

In an amalgamated vision of an actor, George Clooney is what Hollywood represents as its finest. Dashing, mysterious and seductive, Mr. Clooney charms us into the realization of what it means to be a movie star. A definition confirmed by the visual aesthetic of said profession. We now ponder, “What will Mr. Clooney wear as he walks down the aisle, taking the lovely Amal Alamuddin as his bride?”

Looking at George Clooney’s style, we think classic, simple and elegant are definitely the right formula! If we scratch at the surface of Mr. Clooney’s style, we observe that he plays it safe and certainly loves comfort. The wonderful thing about him is that character dressing works! I think, because of his well-groomed salt & peppered coif, when looking at him we can’t help but to think about the likes of Cary Grant, William Holden or Gary Cooper. George is most dapper in his fashion editorials, a la Vanity Fair, Esquire and W Magazine. In these highly stylized depictions, we see him come alive – embellished, understated, and timeless. In comparison, George Clooney’s red carpet looks exhibit an archetypal edit of uniform menswear. So who should dress Clooney for the wedding? Hum…

I would narrow it down to three contenders, maybe four: Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton, Brenden Mullane at Brioni, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce or Ozwald Boateng. My choices are clear. We want to see a polished Clooney play with color and/or texture without compromising fit. So there you have it.

Message to George: It’s about time… Congratulations!


About the author Mario Wilson:  We were honored to have him agree to write this piece on one of the world’s iconic actors.  We asked him to give us a bio.  He humbly had this response to share:
I am an artist first, a visual artist, who views Fashion Styling as a medium, and when I have exhausted that medium I will choose another. Within this career, I have had a few moments which match my idea echelon. Working with Samuel L. Jackson, Alan Cumming, Steve Harvey, John Leguizamo, Liza Minnelli, Regina Hall, Naomi Campbell, Zoe Saldana and others, styling for Essence, Ebony and Jet Magazines. I’ve assisted greats like Patti Wilson and Edward Enninful. Interviewed Michael C. Hall of Dexter, the hit HBO series. Creating some of the most beautiful advertisements for Dark and Lovely, and I have styled daytime TV program fashion segments for GMA. A few others, however, I have not attained the career I imagined as of yet, and although this may seem defeating, I continue to strive for this dream.
For more of his work

All About Eve: Fashion

allaboutevefashionI grew up listening to Eve here in Europe and I am a huge fan of her work; however, as much as I have admired her talent, I have always found it difficult to appreciate her sense of style – uncertain if she was creating her own image or if a styling team was. Either way, I never felt that her public fashion image was quite right for her. There was always something missing or wrong with the final outcome, making it very difficult for me to find some red carpet looks I could appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure, but her wardrobe just did not quite fit the woman and her talent. As she developed into womanhood, I must admit that I noticed a shift in her style – an evolution into a more feminine and fashionable Eve. Thank God for growth! Nowadays, her fashion faux pas are less obvious and not so damaging. Below are a few of my favorite looks on her and one epic fail I had to feature, so that we can avoid it in the future. Currently, Eve is embarking toward another phase of her life: becoming a bride! Realistically, this will be her biggest red carpet moment in her life, both personally and professionally. Given, I took the liberty of putting together a list of suggested bridal gowns for her big day… with diamonds of course! If anyone knows my sense of style (from the designs of my clothing collection, to my styling some of the most amazing people) then you know that I study people first, acknowledging their past sense of style while cultivating a new image. My bi-lateral approach helps them to appreciate their new look without feeling like a completely “new” person. So, congrats to our beauty, Eve, on her nuptials, and may her choice in wedding attire fit the occasion!

Eve in Bill Blass at the amfAR and GBCHealth to end Aids Evening.

Eve in Bill Blass at the amfAR and GBCHealth to end Aids Evening.

I can only give this look the thumbs up. Very demure, simple, soft, feminine and perfect color on her. The metallic belt “cuts” her waist perfectly and elongates her legs. The metallic color brings the color of the dress out and gives an edgy look. Floor length is a must for this type of design. Right choice of jewelry too.     BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Red Carpet I love the whole combination, great LBD with the hem detail and the thigh jewelry that makes the whole difference. It is just the little fashion touch this look needed. The shoes are divine and feminine. Keeping the top half “classic” and jazzing up the bottom half is the right balance when you do not want to overdo it. Simple, sexy, feminine and definitely rocking!     3 Where do I start? This is just an epic faux pas. The whole leather look just does not work. The chunky zips, ermmm, hell no! This is fashion diarrhea to my eyes. When you have such a top, you cannot add any jewelry to it. Crotch zips showing on pants are always a no go ladies… The top would have looked a million dollar better if just worn with the perfect cut denims. The shoes are by Mugler and even though they are an absolute delight, with this styling disaster, they look cheap and definitely not chic! I will not even discuss her braid overkilling the fashion. This look makes her look shorter which none of us wants to do! Eve deserved to fire her whole styling team on this one.     4 I absolutely adore this look on her. The knee-length floral dress with the ruching/draping on the bustline accentuates any woman’s assets. The dress has a little late 50s feel to it, the peep-toes modern Mary-Janes are exquisite…     5 My first suggestion for Eve’s wedding would be this ivory organza wave bridal ball gown, sheer alencon lace bodice with organza petal accent, platinum jeweled ribbon belt at natural waist, circular skirt, chapel train. This design is by Lazaro. I would team it up with De Beers diamonds necklace and earrings from their Swan Lake collection. The Swan Lake collection is inspired by the harmony and grace of the prima ballerina and her corps de ballet. It is said that a ballerina will only reach her prime if she dances the part of Odette and Odile, the shapes of the prima’s perfect moving form and the balance of the dancing formation of the corps of swans is core to the harmony of the necklace. Each rare and stunning diamond is positioned to bring out its character and life, its unique brilliance living up to its shape and size.     6 This charming 18K white, pink and yellow gold necklace captivates the eye with a selection of 100 white and colored beads and pear-shaped marquise, oval, round brilliant, baguette and rose-cut diamonds, each in a half-bezel setting.     7 These delectable 18K white, pink gold earrings captivate the eye with a selection of 10 white and colored pear-shaped, baguette, oval and round brilliant diamonds in a half-bezel setting.     8 Her veil should be this one from Vera Wang. Two-tier chapel length veil with raw cut edge and lace applique detail. Beautiful hand-detailed lace appliques adorn the bottom edge of the long tier. Two layers of raw edge tulle create an ethereal, romantic bridal look.     9 I am a fan of Elie Saab and this magnificent gown is just a dream come true! The fishtail which brings old Hollywood glamour to the aisle, the statement backs, the illusion necklines, and sheer, embellished sleeves are superb. The veil is simple which is exactly how it should be as the dress tells a story by itself, the rest should stay minimal.     10 To go with this Royal Gown, you need Royal Diamonds and to stay simple it should be this Graaf Tiara. Worn by royalty for thousands of years, the tiara is a symbol of power, splendor and significance. Graff is known for its stunning tiara designs, and this latest incarnation of this iconic treasure is shown here with magnificent radiant, round and pear shape yellow and white diamonds – all hand set by Graff’s master craftsmen. 284 Diamonds, 122.63cts make this crown a delight to the eyes.     11 12 13 When it comes down to weddings, Vera Wang is The Queen of The Aisle! And this dress is from her archives/classic designs. As you know with wedding gowns, seasons do not matter as most designs are timeless and this is the perfect example. I love the latte color, the constructed bustier is super feminine; the draping, the layers of the silk organza and the oversize flowers are to die for. The bow belt accentuates the waistline. This is such a Princess dress. And we all know that any woman was a Princess growing up! I would choose Garrard’s jewelry to go with this gown… And from their Star and Garter Collection…     14 Star and Garter bangle featuring a focal rose cut diamond within star emblem, created in 18ct rose gold.
The Star and Garter collection is inspired by the rich and expansive heritage of this British jewelry house. Badges and decorations that the brand has made over the centuries form colourful ensembles of shapes and motifs.     15 Star and Garter pink tourmaline earrings surrounded by pink sapphires and white diamonds with a suspended rose quartz drop, created in 18ct rose gold.     16 Star and Garter rose quartz pendant surrounded with pave white diamonds and delicate trace chain detailing, created in 18ct rose gold.     17 My last choice of gown is from Maria Senvo, a newcomer in the bridal industry but I predict a beautiful and bright future for this brand. This design is from their debut collection. 
I would team this gown with some Stephen Webster diamonds from his Couture Voyage collection. Those pieces are inspired by iconic destination from around the world. Made in 18ct white gold, these couture pieces illustrate the architecture, culture and style of Africa, New York and Russia.     18 19     Francesca Marotta, is an Italian born designer, who is an incredible stylist, living in London.  But the world is her playground in search of fashion. www.francescamarotta.com

Choosing Your Wedding Paradise- 10 Reasons to Think of The Cayman Islands


The wedding is over and you both said I do.  The last of all the vendors are paid, your TSA friendly bags have been packed and you are honeymoon ready.

So why should you choose the Cayman Islands?

Located in the western portion of the Caribbean Sea, the British territories are made up of three islands: Grand CaymanCayman Brac and Little Cayman. The population is approximately 56,000 thousand people, a mix of African-European descendants. The area is said to have about 120 nationalities, with English the primary language.

The islands are governed by the Queen of England, with an appointment every four years. The people on the island depend totally depend on tourism from the ships, hotels and visitors to support the economy. George Town, once a swamp territory, has quickly become a destination playground for the well-to-do.  Not known for party scene, the capital represents relaxing and pleasure for those looking for peace away from fast city life.

While visiting the main island, we had the pleasure of being taken around by one of the locals, Miss Babeth Shelley, our fiery Jamaican entrepreneur who filled us in on what’s what on the islands.

 From politics to beaches and to news we got an ear full.  We heard the back story of how the town of Hell received its name and saw it up close up and personal.

Aside from lounging in our resort air conditioned room, pool side bar, full service restaurant, beach side water activities include kayaking, jet skiing, sailing we also enjoyed good old fashion snoozing on the hammock by the sea. The property is on the 18 hole golf course club ran by the Ritz Carlton if your looking to relax or work on your swing, while tanning in the heat of the sun.

So if you seek a honeymoon hot spot, the Cayman Islands may just be the cure the doctor ordered for your winter blues for those who endured this last torturous season.


Seven Mile Beach


Here are our top 10 reasons to go:

1.  Based on your origins of travel and preferred airlines, there is a flight everyday. Many of them are from Miami, which is just over an hour away, and many airlines also fly direct.

2. There are over 120 nationalities on the island. English is their primary language because it is a British colony.

3.  They accept foreign currency if you don’t have time to exchange your money.  

4.  Access to hotels range from luxury 7-star hotels to affordable resorts that are all-inclusive and family friendly for every wallet size.

5.  The food is magnificent.  Fresh fish from this island makes for healthy eating.

6.  The beaches, specifically Seven Miles Beach, is rated number four in the world.

7. If you’re a golfer, the courses are groomed just right for your next game.

8.  If you enjoy water activities, you have your choices of snorkeling, surfing, diving and swimming with dolphins.

9.  Night clubs and DJs are plentiful from the traditional restaurant and bar scene to a more planned list of seasonal activities (check your calendar or the tourism board).

10. The beaches are perfect for laying in the sun with a drink and do nothing.

As a bonus to your list of of things to do, Cayman Island Fashion Week for all you fashionistas courtesy of  Guavaberry Marketing-Cindy Rosan-Jones and Terry Donovan. www.caymanislandsfashionweek.com


For more information visit: Websites: www.caymanislands.ky | www.caymankind.com www.divecayman.ky

All images are courtesy of Victor Amos.



Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

Building Your Spirits That Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

Besides The actual ceremony, the next best thing about a wedding is the party, the bar experience and the food.   So when deciding on your menu that will have your guests talking long after the wedding is over requires a great amount of research when it comes to your bar setup.
As a cocktail waitress at one of the top cocktail bars in Harlem I know a thing or two when it comes to the experience of exploring a cocktail bar. Prior to my employment at 67 Orange in New York City,  which in reality gives you more of a speakeasy atmosphere bar setup in Harlem that opened some five years to date,  I knew very little about cocktails.
This inconspicuous venue, sits in one of Harlem’s historical blocks.  If you move to quickly you will miss it.  With it’s long dark velvet curtains in the window, small golden numbers 67 nailed to the wood beside the front door makes it difficult to notice.
When you join us for dinner and cocktails, expect an experience.  At your arrival you are greeted and seated at a table of your choice, the ambiance is felt on both levels of this intimate space.
The Experts
Our bartender put great effort into creating each concoction poured into your glass.  So let me get into explain who they are and what we do. The entertaining part of performing this labor of love is the quest of discovering the mixers that our patron enjoy drinking.  Be assured  we have something for EVERYONE.
We pride ourselves on pleasing each of our guests, for example, on a cool New York Spring evening, a patron visiting our establishment, I will recommend something light, refreshing, and savory for their enjoyment, like the Moscow Mule.
As an expert in the industry it is my duty to be observant and make your experience with us a memorable one.
If I were to wait on a “gin & tonic” or “rum & coke” kinda guy/gal my approach is calculated,  I have perfected the ways to steer that person in the direction of a cocktail that will make them forget about such simple request forever.
As a professional bartender I have made it my point to find a more creative way to be innovative about my approach when I attempt to awaken the taste buds of everyone that comes and sits in our establishment.
All of our ingredients are fresh. Our selection of spirits and liqueurs are top shelf. The bartenders are seasoned and take pride in their craft.
The effort we put into serving each guest is a well crafted seduction we take pride in every time someone sits before us.  We provide you with a detailed description, and paint a picture that leaves you at the edge of your seat, that usually does the trick…
‘Emancipation Again’ which is an Crop organic cucumber vodka, muddled with cucumbers, ginger, cilantro, and lime, there’s a bit of agave, vinegar, citronage, and lime in there as well. Shaken with ice & served up in a chilled coupe glass. It’s super refreshing, light, a hint of sweetness and smells wonderful while you’re sipping on it.
Another favorite (for the whiskey lovers) is the ‘Le Grand Old Fashioned’ nothing like the traditional Old Fashion. This cocktail uses a Redemption high rye bourbon, baked apple bitters, benedictine, then stirred with ice and lastly poured over a very large ice cube. Afterwards there is a flamed orange peel rubbed over the glass to give it a smokey essence.
Visit Other Establishments and Explore
As a professional I find it very valuable to my craft to know what other professionals are serving in their establishments. So I make it my point to visit quite a few cocktail bars in the city & throughout my travels.  I find that each establishment is unique in their own ways. I recently visited Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco, CA.  They had over 80 cocktails on their menu. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed, however I didn’t let that stop my adventure. Jayson Wilde who was tending the bar the evening of my visit, was given my preferences and I allowed him to create. He made the perfect cocktail for me.
The experience truly leaves you wanting to explore all kinds of different cocktails. I’ve been in the industry for about four years and I’m always amazed at how each cocktail is created, the many different ideas, flavors, scents, emotions put into each one.
Name Your Poison 
Names too, oh yes that’s very important! I had the honor of naming a cocktail at my establishment, inspired by gin.
The Color Purple’, yes like the film. Ingredients consist of  Plymouth London Gin, muddled blackberries, lavender bitters, Creme De Violette, St Germain, lemon juice & simple syrup. The flavor is divine and I’m sure you can guess why I chose to name it such.
I can go on and on all day about cocktail bars and such. So as you spend time planning your nuptials, take a breather in between selecting the wedding dress, selecting your venue, planning your seating charts, grab a cocktail, get creative, get in the mood for a nice adult beverage.
If you are feeling up to it, check out yelp and search cocktail bars in your area, go explore the menu, and remember drink responsibly. Cheers!
Alisha May is an expert cocktail mixer with a passion for people and the experience.  You can catch her at 67 Orange In Harlem New York.

Choosing Who Captures your Wedding Memories Will Cost You One Way Or Another

The ability to get to work on time, whether you’re in NYC, LA or Dallas, is based solely on your experience of the commute. You know that by leaving just three minutes earlier, you would avoid the high school kids, but still allowing you to weave in and out of traffic while still obtaining your coffee without being late. Allocating your time throughout the day, especially if it’s a routine task, becomes second nature and efficiency becomes key. Regardless if it’s a job, or your routine to put your kids to bed, you become an expert due to your daily lived experiences. Nothing could be more in the event you’re hiring your first expert photographer; whether fashion or wedding.
As a working fashion/portrait photographer, I often mind myself in the same scenarios of trying to explain to prospective clients why they should hire a wedding photographer for their big day. I had the privilege of talking to Erica Camille and Kristin Reimer, both expert international wedding photographers based in NYC, and the main point all three of us would agree on is knowing how to be efficient with your time when the date of the shoot arrives. When speaking to Kristin she mentions, “Having a background in how to navigate around problems while still thinking on your toes to be creative and get the shot can be tricky if you aren’t used to them. Family dynamics, dealing with restrictions in a church or other venue, understanding the timeline intimately.”
Family dynamics are definitely not something I think about when walking onto a set, nor is that something that comes into consideration when planning a shoot. When shooting a wedding, you’re shooting at minimum 10 people, which is a seldom scenario in the world of fashion photography. In fashion, you become meticulous about detail, about each strand of hair, about the correct foundation to match the lighting set-up, and every wrinkle that the untrained eye would never catch. Knowing how to please your client, which at many times – unlike the wedding realm – is a recurring client – and being aware of what details to be conscientious about to cater to that specific client. As a fashion photographer, my sole focus is to make the clothing look impeccable and to draw customers into buying the product.
On the contrary, you hire a wedding photographer to capture the emotion and the spirit of the day. “Documentary-style wedding photography” is how Erica describes her aesthetic and are the exact key terms I would recommend any bride-to-be to look for when hiring a wedding photographer. As Erica continues to state, “the ability to capture a moment as it unfolds vs staging them” is the biggest difference between wedding and fashion photography. You hire a wedding photographer for the entire day to capture everything from the prep to the first dance. You want someone to know where to position themselves, at the exact time, and know exactly what to focus on to get those images that grab your attention for that one extra second, just because the wedding photographer becomes an expert at blending into the background to capture moments like the first tear you’ve ever seen your father shed. Those images are the ones that will grip your heart years down the line and bring you back to a specific moment, just as impactful as your favorite song in high school that draws the memory of your first crush within a mili-second.
The expectation between the two photographers should be drastically different. A fashion photographer may shoot an entire wedding and you may get 40 images in return, because they’re used to narrowing down selections to just the top images, as what’s repeated in our minds is that you don’t need repetitive images of the same situations in the same clothing. On the other hand, both Erica and Kristin agree on an average of 800+ edited images and unlike a fashion photographer, they’re able to provide albums and online gallery settings, as well as printing packages for those quantities, which would never cross my mind. After realizing everything that a wedding photographer is responsible for and how diligent they have to be in order to capture so many situations, with such restrictive lighting scenarios, the prices for their services are not just to capture one of the most important days in your life, but to make it seem as easy and effortless so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything to be able to share such an exhilarating day.

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Quick Fun Way to Nail Yourself a Beautiful Set of Tips


I find that it is often difficult to get all your girlfriends, bridesmaids in the same room at the same time to get a beauty services. Either the place is to small and can’t accomodate you all at the same time or they don’t provide the services you all need.

So getting a manicure is a pretty fun and easy process for those who have nails. But for the nail bitters, it gets pretty uncomfortable watching the manicurist struggle to find your free edge as she tries to file your nails.

Well we decided to share with you a video that can be fun and with great steady hand and patience you can pop on some Kiss artificial nails that will last you three days if you don’t get hungry, nervous and want to chew them off.

So just remember beauty should be fun. Both the process and the experience. But if you can make it a party theme it will be a night to remember. So enjoy your wedding planning and all the festivities that come with it.