Let’s talk bikini




You have a few friends who do it. Your spouse has brought it up a few times. You have considered it but you really don’t know why it’s so desirable, why you should do it, or even what to ask for.


Back in 2000 Carrie discovered the Brazilian Bikini Wax and proclaimed, “I feel like walking sex!”  Tee of Suite Tee in New York says, “I have a client that told me every time she gets a fresh wax, she feels like calling someone up to have sex.” But getting your bikini line waxed has definitely become about self-confidence and self-maintenance, too.  Of course bikini waxing was going on before Carrie publicized it. I mean, hey, Samantha is the one that put her onto it.

But here we are in 2014 and many women are still trying to figure out why, what, and how?

Women are not getting a bikini wax because they are in a relationship anymore. Many women do it because they feel confident after they receive one. The process of waxing is a great way to exfoliate your skin and prevent any razor bumps and burns. Skin and hair is baby smooth when waxed. One of the best things about waxing is once you do it you don’t have to think about it again for one month.


Now that you have decided to remove the hair “down there” what do you want? There are a few choices you have. The least you can do is the Bikini Line, also known as a cleanup, is all hair removed outside of the panty line, usually 2 to 3 fingers outside of the panty edge.

The next option can be tricky; most salons have different names for it. I call it the “Teeny Bikini.” That is when you are waxed a bit more inward of the panty line, approximately a finger’s width on each side and 1 to 2 fingers width off the top.

My favorite option is what I call the “Faux Brazilian.” The Faux Brazilian is the Bikini Line wax plus all of the hair off the labia and the option of removing hair between the butt cheeks. This service is good for those that like the feeling of a Brazilian but don’t want the “little girl look.” It is also good for women that are prone to ingrown hairs.

The last and definitely the least is the Brazilian (also known as the Hollywood) wax. That is the removal of all hair, the possibility of leaving a landing strip (a 1-2” rectangle of hair on the pelvis), including removing the hair from between the butt cheeks. This is probably the most popular among women from 20 to 50 years old.



To receive the best possible experience you want to make sure you are waxed with a high quality hard wax. I prefer Cirepil by Perron Rigot. You also want to make sure that the location you choose is very sanitary. Be sure they have a “no double dipping” policy, use gloves, all surfaces are clean, and there is no visible trash. Be sure they are offering a service that is up to your standards and feel free to ask questions.

Tashawna Hundley aka Tee Hundley, Suite Tee is a celebrity expert in the waxing industry, with an extensive portfolio as a celebrity manicurist in the New York area.

This Just In!


Ensuring your skin is flawless the day of your wedding is a process.  Caring for your skin properly involves using the best products and it can get pricey.

There are over thousands of over the counter creams you can use to hydrate your skin that posses anti aging properties, but a natural solution is always ideal.   This Just In coconut oil is marvelous! In the past the fatty oil received a bad rap for causing heart disease. Recent studies have discovered the opposite.

Coconut milk, oil and water are now more popular than ever. Coconut oil has proven itself to be the ideal moisturizer. It does the trick when trying to hydrate rough feet, knees or elbows. It also helps with chronic skin conditions like eczema because it is a anti-inflammatory. This is the only oil that holds anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory and hydrating properties. Can we say miracle oil? The oil is saturated in fats so it repairs the skin while trapping water. Massaging the oil under your eyes the night before will give you smooth look the next day. This is a great way to impress your mate or make your eyes radiant if you are still seeking that special someone.

The miracle oil aids building back protein in your hair promoting hair growth. Damaged and undamaged hair can benefit from the oil because it penetrates the hair shaft. Coconut oil also has anti aging effects. It is your all around skin and hair care regimen. Professionals do recommend that people with acne prone skin be careful not to overload themselves with the oil because it may cause breakouts. Last but not least the smell is amazing! It will get you in the mood for long vacations and pina coladas, just in time for spring.

You can find coconut oil infused products at neimanmarcus.com or even your local drug store.



The Biggest Loser

Damien and Nicole In charge and In control

Damien and Nicole In charge and In control

Nicole Brewer -- Sex Appeal

Nicole Brewer -- Sex Appeal

Damien and Nicole Worked it out

Damien and Nicole Worked it out

The Biggest Loser

When being labeled “The Biggest Loser” means saving your life you embrace the title with a smile, as did our new dynamic couple. Nicole Brewer, age 38, Fashion Wardrobe Stylist and Correspondent, contestant on the hit shot “ The Biggest Loser” with her fiancé Damien Gurganious, age 32, Industrial designer, and entrepreneur.

We ran into Nicole at the event at Robert Verdi’s- Blue Print Cleanse.

How did you meet?
In water Aerobics at Bed-Stuy YMCA in Feb ’06

When did you get engaged?
Nov ’07 -my birthday, total surprise

How did it happen?
It was a day of royalty fit for a queen. He created a fabulous program (also does graphics) that laid out the day: Private Brunch at Bowery Bar. -5 hour-Day of Beauty at Great Jones Spa, which included lemon visiu massage, full facial, Jacuzzi and steam treatments.

-Coffee at Serafina

-Appetizers at Dos Caminos on Park Avenue

-Dinner at Casa La Femme, Egyptian restaurant in romantic private tent!!! It gets better. Belly dancers, the works

-Finally, desert at the jazz vault in the Blue Water Grille, where he finally pops the question, to my complete surprise!!!!
Next day, brunch at Cafe Lola and tickets to Wintuk, Cirque de Soleil

Needless to say, I was on the phone with my friends and family all day and all night from CA to UK spreading the news.

When are you getting married?
Originally it was Nov 9th, 2008 but after being cast for the Biggest Loser we happily postponed! And now we are thrilled to have reached out goals of starting a new healthy life+family together!

New date: August 16th

Where are you getting married?
The Renaissance, LIC, NY


Did you find your dress?
Amsale and her national sales director, fans of the show, were inspired by my return/elimination episode on Biggest Loser and not only custom designed my finale dress, but surprised me with an offer to design my wedding gown as well.
We chose it on Friday!

Damien’s tuxedo and groomsmen?
Men’s Warehouse

Color Scheme?
Working on that now but colors looking like ivory, reds, oranges, browns with a touch of hot pinks

My bridesmaids are wearing beautiful red formal gowns by David’s Bridal-very elegant and sexy. We are very happy with the style+ silhouette that flatters every figure.

What’s on the menu? Or final tasting is Sun 31st of May! We love to indulge our guests on this special day with a variety of international foods

Who are your vendors?
Chef LoveJones,  Bill Jones Epicure

Guest Vocalist, Nikki Blonsky from the movie, Hairspray-a client and dear friend

Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, its very chic and modern, brand new with great views and outdoors decks for celebrations

Parris Whittingham photography

What is your biggest challenge?
-Sticking to our very lean budget. There’s absolutely no wiggle room. Our priority is
To start a family and buy a home, so budget is very important!

-Keeping the guest list intimate!

-Decor, the venue is so elegant on its own and needs very little by way of design. I want minimal flowers + candles, but gorgeous + very simple arrangements. Lighting will be important.

-Finding the right flower girl dresses. I want our two nieces to looking like me, not like Jr. bridesmaids, and they are 10 and 11 years old, so its tough-but I will find the right dress!

-I am trying to get Damien to take a ballroom dance class so we can have a choreographed first dance. I am trying to convince him that its not corny, but I am still working on him. He is a great dancer; I am the one who needs some brushing up. I’d love to shock our guests with a tango!

So there you have it. Stay tuned as we follow this amazing soul of a human being continues her journey of planning a healthy and fabulous wedding.

Blueprint Cleanse Wants you to get fit for life


Ladies getting into the dress is usually our primary concern. But getting into the dress goes beyond that one day. We need to get fit for life. Blueprint Cleanse is not just a lose the weight kind of product, it encourages one to detox, make gradual changes in ones way of life and eating habits.

Tonight I had the pleasure of participate in the presentation that Robert Verdi hosted in his event space in New York City. There I had the pleasure of meeting some extra-ordinary industry talent, Ivan Flores makeup artist to Paula Dorf, great products. James Corbett of JC Studio, newly opened in New York City, James laid hands on my head and my hair was moist and supple. Thank you James.

Food and appetizers was great, the Blueprint Cleanse was quite tasty to my surprise. Often times it is usually women who feel the need to lose weight to get into the dress. Blueprint Cleanse is something I recommend couples to do together. I had the pleasure of re-uniting with Nicole Brewer of The Biggest Loser, formerly an editor of Essence Magazine. She and her fiance did this challenge together. As they prepare for their nuptials they decided to get fit for life, beyond the wedding day. She looked amazing.. Please check out “Blueprint Cleanse” for your health regime.


First Lady Glam-Fit to Impress Nana Eyeson

84 days and counting….

I know its been a while and I’ve been a little MIA but trust me girls I have been extremely busy. There is so much to this wedding thing than meets the eye 🙂

I’ve just realized that the hottest thing about Michelle Obama on innaguration night wasn’t her dress it was her SKIN and BODY–yes girls, her face and back were KILLER.

So I started thinking how does one get a glowing complexion and sculpted back like that? Well you can’t get it at Sephora that’s for sure.

Then I remembered how two years ago my now matron of honor Lola was getting married and every day she would get her butt whipped into shape by a man I only know as Pierre the trainer, along with a once a week face burning session with her dermatologist.

Every day she complained of aches and pains and how she couldn’t drink her fav Bacardi Limon martini and I kept telling her “Girl you don’t need that, you look great already forget Pierre” well girls in the end she looked beyond great she was georgeous, her makeup was as the lovely gay boys like to say “SITTIN” And when she turned around in her wedding dress her back was sculpted. She my friends was getting her Michelle Obama on from the GATE!

So is the pain worth it you ask?


So now its my turn down the aisle and I have found my own Pierre and his name is Carlos and 3 times a week Carlos WHIPS my butt into shape, courtesy of the maplewoodbootcamp.com he runs here in NJ. Oh girls its no joke.

On my first day at boot camp as my luck would have it was pouring raining and I had just gotten a fresh perm… you know how this ends right?

Running + squat thrust + push ups + sit ups= PAIN. But as I ran thru the rain all I could think of was Michelle Obama’s back and how fly my back will look in my strapless gown. So I hustled my ass and I ran and thrusted till it hurt. Because NO PAIN NO GAIN

Now to achieve that clear smooth complexion that the 1st lady rocks everyday. I get a series of Lactic Chemical peels once a week courtesy of Mandi at Solachi Day Spa http://www.solachi.com in Princeton NJ… yes I said Princeton and for those of you who know me know that I am a BK girl to core, but she is worth it. Plus when in Jersey do like the Jersey Housewives 🙂

Now I know black girls especially us dark skin girls don’t like to hear the words Chemical and Peel in the same sentence. But the reality is that the skin we see everyday is really dead skin and with a great peel you can get down to a more beautiful you. Trust me. I have always had crazy dark under eye circles and now after a few sessions I can honestly say they are going away….

In the end ladies it takes more than the dress to make the wedding! If you look crazy the whole wedding looks CRAZY 🙂

So stay tuned and I promise I won’t be gone for long