The List -One Registry for His and Her

The Bridal registry maybe one of the most anticipated tasks for any bride. Picking your favorite items while someone else flips the bill is every girls dream. Unfortunately picking up expensive china is probably the last thing your man has planned for his Saturday afternoon. I have compiled items that will truly make this a his and hers event.


A good portion of your marriage will be spent in bed. What says I love you more than comfy sheets and blankets? Brides and grooms usually forget all about the cozy necessities. Jersey fabrics are light weight and perfect for spring, while flannel sheets are great for your winter time cuddle night.


Ladies make cooking for the man in your life easier on yourself and treat yourself to some amazing cookware. Slow cookers and toasters are great but good knives are a necessity. High quality cookware may not seem like the most ideal thing to be shopping for but it can definitely improve your dishes if your still a chef in training.



For my guys! It’s definitely acceptable to request electronics on your list. Speakers, cameras, DVD players, hey why not a ipad?! Don’t indulge to much though, no one likes a greedy couple.






Everything is done online now a days, and you have been dreaming of that honeymoon in the Cayman Islands right? A honeymoon registry only seems logical. This may have been frowned upon back in the day but the cost of spa treatments and snorkeling can add up so why not put in the list? is a one stop shop for all of your bridal registry needs!











Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, but all flowers are not the same. It is important to remember certain flowers aren’t available all year around, so be sure to do your research.

Some companies will go the extra mile to accommodate your request. Keep in mind the flowers of your dreams may come with a pretty hefty price tag and not be the best quality. The out of season bouquet was probably exposed to manipulated temperatures in a greenhouse and were not able to bloom to their full potential. So keep in mind when your daydreaming of that popular wedding flower, it may not be your best option.

Calla lilies are available all year around and fluctuate significantly in price. They are ideal for bridal bouquets because they can stand the hot weather without drying out. You can definitely use a all calla bouquet, considering their petals don’t take up too much space

Hydrangeas are their best in the summer,and some variations are available all year round. Many that are bought in their off season and undersized and lower in quality. Hints the name, Hydrangeas need water! You can expect to see them wilt within a hour of taking them out of water. They wilt very easily and display bruising because they are lighter in color.

Roses are available all year. They are considered one of the most romantic flowers and they come in many varieties. They are not to fragile and their petals open up amazingly in warm weather . The worst time to purchase roses are around valentine’s day. Their price sky rocket!

Books that may be of help:  Beautiful Wedding Flowers, by Diane Wagner, Botanicals- Butterflies & Insect-Assouline

Love Nest for Newlyweds

This comes as a great time in my life as an interior designer to actually write about designing for Newlyweds.. My daughter age 26 is preparing for her wedding in Houston Texas July 4th 2010.  I just came back from visiting them both and put her and her fiancé thru the How are you going to live together test. Questionnaire.. The challenge to make sure that they are able to Love to live in their new lifestyle of matrimony. 

We had to review their color preferences design styles what current furniture they will be keeping and what new furniture they will be getting.  What are the comfort needs and functional needs within each room?  Creating their new environment with what they have in new ways and using their new space wisely. 

Now for the fun part creating an environment that has a wow factor. Ceiling to floor curtains can be used obviously as window treatments yet can also be used to hide newlyweds prized possessions ….for her old dance shoes for him his trophies yet if we create this hidden treasure façade. In a room every time they look at it they smile together because they both feel satisfied to know that they have kept their identity behind those drapes, instead of a door or a wall… 

Create Intimate private spaces such as in a window located in the Living room or in the bedroom a sitting area which they both can share moments together other than just for watching TV or eating. This area can have a small round table which should always contain candles or fresh flowers with two chairs… they do not have to match they should suit the personality of the groom and bride for instant the bride might want an armless chair with a ottoman and the groom might want a recliner

Surrounded by pillows that will eventually end up on the floor …again this area is for conversation reading and sharing romantic time together…. 

Lighting is a big deal in a new couples environment I suggest dimmers in every room and placement of vases on at least one table in each room waiting for flowers.

Photos, photos everywhere of each other… sharing important moments in their lives, they can be family photos or photos with friends. Just keeping your life moments before marriage alive and well received. 

Living your Lifestyle together creates balanced harmony.  Thinking outside of the box in regard to your environment should start early.  

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A comfortable, romantic functional home is the best gift you can give to yourself and your new family.