G.E.A.R up for a Groom’s Grooming Lesson

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“Hair, teeth, hands, and feet,” was his response, “that’s all I have to work with!” The question: What is in that little bag you have in the bathroom?

That bag contained a hairbrush, a toothbrush, tweezers, and a straight razor. To my surprise it also contained nail clippers and a nail file. “Have you ever received a manicure?”  “No.” Needless to say, this man was happy that his girlfriend became a manicurist.

Since becoming a manicurist I have given many men their first “manEcure” and pedicure. Surprisingly, all of them seemed amazed at how much they enjoy the service, the improvement of their hands and feet, and the desire to make the services part of their regular maintenance. A gentleman’s manicure and pedicure makes a man feel good. Men don’t have to only enjoy a haircut and shave anymore. Even if they like the idea of having nice hands and feet, men are more likely to slack on the upkeep so I suggest they keep a few items handy for between services. G.E.A.R by Tweezerman has a great “Essential Grooming Kit” that is perfect for men. It has almost everything I suggest to my male clients to keep in the bathroom drawer. The kit contains a heavy-duty nail clipper and their new multi use tool that can be used for filing so there are no more jagged nails! You can also use the tool for cleaning under the nails, which should be done regularly for sanitary reasons. The same tool can be used to push back cuticles which will keep nails looking neat and clean. All of this is best done after a shower so that nails and cuticles are softer and easier to manage, and takes maybe 10-15 minutes per week. The kit also contains facial hair scissors so keeping mustaches and eyebrows neat between shaves and visits to the barber is at your fingertips. It may even let you extend the time between shaves.


The other thing the man should do is keep a pumice stone in the boudoir. G.E.A.R also has a double sided stone for rough and soft exfoliations: Perfect to fight those stereotypes of men having rough/dry feet and hopefully bring on some foot massage exchange!

For regular evening application I suggest getting a cuticle cream or oil such as Cuti-Cocktail or Cuti-Quench by Sparitual which can be used around finger and toe nails, and a great lip balm like Facial Fuel No Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm by Kiehl’s is great for kissable…I mean manly lips.




GEAR Essentials Kit


Quick Fun Way to Nail Yourself a Beautiful Set of Tips


I find that it is often difficult to get all your girlfriends, bridesmaids in the same room at the same time to get a beauty services. Either the place is to small and can’t accomodate you all at the same time or they don’t provide the services you all need.

So getting a manicure is a pretty fun and easy process for those who have nails. But for the nail bitters, it gets pretty uncomfortable watching the manicurist struggle to find your free edge as she tries to file your nails.

Well we decided to share with you a video that can be fun and with great steady hand and patience you can pop on some Kiss artificial nails that will last you three days if you don’t get hungry, nervous and want to chew them off.

So just remember beauty should be fun. Both the process and the experience. But if you can make it a party theme it will be a night to remember. So enjoy your wedding planning and all the festivities that come with it.

Nail Art- Modernizing Your Wedding Details

Your wedding look no longer has to be bland.  You can incorporate some of your creative expressions in a small but effective way, your nail art.

The idea of nail art can be viewed as gaudy or juvenile.  The trend has become enormously popular among women of all ages and can be a great way to express your personality.  Whether you wear your nails neatly manicured wear tip extensions or UV gel there is a design every woman can enjoy.

All forms of nail art doesn’t  have to be elaborate . Below you will find nail collage.  You can show a picture to your to nail tech or piggy back from one of these ideas.  Feel free to to be inspired by one of these great works of art.

After all it’s the little things that count.

For great popping colors we recommend some of our go to brands: Chanel, Dior, YSL, Tom Ford and Nars.

For great nudes can’t go wrong with: Essie, Spa Ritual, OPI, Orly, and Revlon.

For art tricks and tools: Color Club, Kiss Products are the way to go.