Bridal Bliss- Indulgence- Diamonds, Chocolate and Champagne

February has many meanings to different people. Harsh winter, short month, Celebration of Black history month and last but not least the month of “amour”.

In the bridal industry November through February is the highest point of engagements and romantic winter weddings.

This month awakens all the senses that may have been hibernating during these past cold winter months. Sight, the engagement ring, diamonds, semi-precious stones, jewelry, are often gifts of choice. Taste, chocolates, champagne, and strawberries -the seductive tools of the tongue. Smell, Roses, and perfumes, lotions and candles, the taunters of ones sense of smell. Sound, to hear the words that melt the heart and evoke other senses that lead to last but not least Touch. Silks, Satins ,lace and other luxury goods. That only fashion can adequately satisfy.

This is the time couples would steal moments to revitalize their love or to reconfirm their relationship. This may have also been the time to propose a new level to the relationship.

Where ever you are in your relationship some things that may assist you in expressing your love:

Diamonds date as far back as some 3,000.00 years to India. It was there that it was probably discovered that the precious and beautiful stone had the ability to retract light. In those days, diamonds was used for two ways decorative purposes and as talisman to ward off evil or provide protection in battle. In The Middle ages it was thought to be used for its healing powers.
Today, diamonds, is the worthy symbol to celebrate ones lifelong commitment of love. Tiffany & Co., Movado, David Yurman and H.Stern are there to assist in that area.

Chocolates, coming from the Cacao tree was discovered some 2, 000 years ago in the tropical rainforest’s of the Americas. The first people known to have made chocolate were from the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America-Maya and Aztec. The early lovers of chocolate mixed this seed with various seasons to make a spicy frothy drink. It was the Spaniards that brought the seeds back home and new recipes were created and thus chocolate became a hit. Today Noka Chicaneries, Jean Philippe Patisserie, Emily’s Fortune of Love and Astor have further developed this seductive sweet pleasure.

Wash down this treat with sparkling wine to the elite Champagne. Originating from French monks, named after the Champagne region of France. It was Frere Jean-Oudart and Dom Pierre Pegnon, Benedictine monks and cellar masters that created a method of “mousse” another name for bubbles.

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