Two Red Trees- Grow In London

Accessories are everything!  They should be an asset to every outfit if done correctly. Pearls and diamonds are among the wedding tradition but you don’t have to limit yourself to those options.

Two Red Trees is a shop in London that specializes in supporting local British Businesses. They sell handcrafted jewelry and home wares.  Their mission statement guarantees unique jewelry.  Instead of clicking through web pages for the perfect piece, Two Red Trees does it all for you.  From sterling silver stacking rings to ruby studs there is something for Everyone.   “Less is more” says Anna Ward founder of Two Red Trees.  Ward suggest plain jewelry if your dress is extravagant.  A statement piece is mandatory if your dress is simple. Ward also suggests to match your jewelry with your personality and to buy timeless pieces you can wear again. The type of earrings you wear depend on the neckline of your dress,  chandelier earrings  are recommended to be worn with a simple low neckline.

Sophie Harley is  jewelry designer for the shop and has been in this business 20 years.  Sophie earned the title Designer of the year at the Rental Jewelry  Awards last year.  Her most famous piece was featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. The infamous Alegrian Loveknot worn by actress Eva Green.  All of her pieces are created in London.  Sophie works close with he clients to ensure every piece is unique.  Many of her pieces can be  worn for your wedding, whether the pieces are from scratch or up-cycling you can be sure it is beautiful and original.

So for your big screen day you may want to click on to

WDN2Y : 18ct GoldcredSH4 : 18ct Goldloveknot : Necklaces

18 ct Gold                                        18 ct Gold                                Love Knot

WDR1W : 18ct Gold  WDR1CDY : 18ct GoldWDN6YD : 18ct Gold

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