Honeymoon Bliss

Honeymoon time is a tremendous relief from all the wedding anticipation. After discussing  your wedding highlights and reminiscing on your journey this is the time to reconnect. Your Honeymoon is a amazing time to explore with your partner and become connected on a deeper level.  Instead of just taking a trip and participating in cliche honeymoon activities be open to experiences that will make your union unbreakable.  Think outside the box.  In order for a marriage to work communication is key.  Don’t be afraid to let loose on your deepest fears or most outrageous fantasies. You have made it this far you may as well let it all hang out.

You and your partner may want to go on a wilderness retreat.  Without the distractions of social media and television you can feel a connection on a different level. Enjoy a retreat to the Yellow Stone Park. Gary Matthews of Yellow Stone specializes in couple retreats.  He has building sexual awareness and financial planning workshops.  Back Packing through the park is a amazing way to reconnect without worldly distractions. It even gives you the opportunity to connect with other couples in a therapeutic and supportive setting.  When the group activities are over and you are back in your room. Read a sexy book together. Do not be afraid to reenact scenes and be creative .  Get carried away and enjoy each other! Open up Pandoras box.  Don’t be shy to bring out music, toys and the message oil.  A sexual connection is more powerful than people admit.  If your partner knows your inner most fantasies and delivers why stray?  This is also a great time for a hot a steamy photo shoot, this way you will have visuals to look back on.  When morning comes watching the sun rise together is like adding a cherry to last nights breathtaking ice cream sundae.

Go to yellowstonepark.com for details.