Using Love Intelligence to Organize the Perfect Wedding


Dear Beautiful YOU

This is LOVE INTELLIGENCE speaking.

Who is this I hear you ask?

Well … I am the small loving voice of wisdom that resides within you!

I have come to you so that your dreams of an ideal wedding and the journey leading up to that wonderful day is as stress-free and exciting as intended.

I am your inner guidance helping you to cope with difficulties and to remind you to tap into your sense of calm and peace whenever you most need me.

I have observed recently the moments when you have struggled to make a decision due to fear, anxiety, irritation or shame. These feelings can be uncomfortable and are often attached to unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs. At times, they have provided wonderful life lessons as a gift to you. On other occasions, your happiness has been blocked. I wish what you wish for, and that is for you to design and organize the perfect wedding day.

I also hear your deepest desires and that is to continue enjoying all of the wedding activities towards your big day and thereafter—for you and your loving partner.

This is instead of you trying to combat potential problems by doing everything alone or getting annoyed as well as frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed with yourself, your partner, the wedding planner and significant others.

So now is the time to reconnect with me once more. The small voice of intuitive wisdom that is Love Intelligence inside of you—(that is you) and is all-knowing.

Please remember Beautiful YOU that problems will always arise. Either way, this is yet another earth journey calling upon you to listen to your inner guidance. To cope best and make decisions that fit with who you are. To communicate from a loving perspective and to feel good about the version of who you are becoming as a person that is entering a new phase in your life journey.

This moment is to be enjoyed. You and your partner are special. Treasure the moments together. Continue being happy and excited as you approach your wedding day and enter into marriage. Love Intelligence will always be here for you. Relax in the sure faith that everything is going to plan.


So here’s what you can do to access and deepen the connection to me when you need me.

Please remember that it does not matter where or when you access me, but it does matter HOW you tap into me. My voice is small amongst the chatter of your mind and the outside experiences that you have everyday. So you need to listen intently.

I will provide guidance in any format (words, images, feelings, people) to help you make the decision that makes the difference; for you to feel a sense of knowing; to have the ‘aha’ moments of inspiration and for the oozing of love vibrations to be expressed through the lens of your caring heart and smiles.

So let us begin with one of many ways in which to access Love Intelligence.

1. Begin by finding a place that makes you feel great (such as an open/outdoor space, e.g., nature or your bedroom offering privacy).

2. Use accessories to trigger the emotion of well-being (such as playing music or sitting in silence).

3. And connect with me by connecting with your body (it’s best to close your eyes but you don’t have to) and notice what is going on inside your body.

4. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling as deeply as possible until you feel totally relaxed. Focus on your breathing.

5. Stay still.

6. Silently try to quiet your mind in whichever way works for you. This will help you to increase your intuitive awareness.

7. Become settled and stay in this feeling for a while.

8. Feel the peace, calm and relaxation.

9. This is the time to offer a problem that is most important to you to resolve. Give this question to me and listen for the answer—patiently.

10. You will know and trust when you receive the answer(s) or solution(s). It will feel ‘right’ although you may second guess yourself in applying it.

To avoid second guessing, you will need to follow my advice which requires faith, trust and confidence. You have all of these qualities so try not to worry.

If you need any support—intuitively ask the person you know is the ‘right’ person to help you organize your wedding and to enjoy the journey with you.

Now … go and enjoy your wedding day and give my love to your partner.

With love from my heart to your heart.

Fond Regards

Love Intelligence



About the editor: Gwen Cover is a Life Design Friend, driven by her intuition to enrich her life and her clients with fulfilling, creative and adventurous experiences. Cover currently resides in England and runs a successful business that seeks to enhance the life of others called  the Life Design Salon.

Queen of the Palace – A real fairy tale come true at The Palazzo Manganani Feroni


Feeling like a queen will be second nature when you stay at the Palazzo Maganani Feroni Hotel in Florence.

This former palace, owned by two families and most recently the Giannotti family for over 250 years, is an authentic Renaissance Palace from the 1500’s, which was completely restored in 2002.

As you enter the magnificent lobby, you are greeted by the sound of delectable jazz music and you can feel that love is in the air. This luxury property offers 24-hour service and all amenities and services that the luxury traveler of today requires.

The Palazzo Maganani Feroni is located in the heart of historic Florence and all major attractions, restaurants and shops are in close proximity.

What makes Palazzo Magnani Feroni special, apart from being the Condé Nast Johansens Award Winner 2013 and the Condé Nast Johansens Award Finalist 2014, are the 12 stunning suites on 3 floors of which some of them face onto a common gallery. The architecture is superb; original frescoes, cross-vaulted ceilings, a beautiful inside courtyard and a rooftop terrace, which overlooks the beautiful city of Florence and the nearby hills. Each suite has its own personalised name and you can even choose your preferred soap for the duration of your stay. The rooms all carry Bulgari amenities – what’s not to love!

On the second floor left wing where the majestic Salon sits, you can enjoy a white glove service romantic candle lit breakfast and even a mimosa or bucks fizz along side your macchiato, cappuccino or coffee/tea of choice. Close by is a billiard room – if that is your choice of relaxation. Situated on the ground floor is the hotel bar that opens at 6pm every evening and in the summer time it moves to the rooftop terrace which is especially breathtaking at dusk.

This exceptional hotel will sweep you away with their discreet and professional staff along with their attention to detail. Create your own fairy tale at this romantic venue – it’s not to be missed! To schedule an appointment to plan your wedding, or book a room for your stay at this great location, contact Antonella Fabiano, and use the code WorldBrideML to get the best rate.

The Race To The Alter with Kim Tumey

Let Kim Tumey tell it she is a southern girl. ” I am very particular.  Very hands on so a wedding planner, I don’t think so.”

This is going to be by far not a typical southern wedding.  Nothing about this wedding is going to be traditional.  From the engagement party, which will be hosted by a celebrity, to the FaceBook fans who are bidding to be guests at this wedding.

But did we expect anything less from Kim.  If anyone has ever attended any of Kim’s events they have been nothing short of entertaining.  So the wedding is going to be something to see.

In between juggling her celebrity clients, negotiating a deal, Kim insists on planning her own wedding.  The search for the dress has begun.  Securing the location, head count, which in my opinion is probably going to be the cost of feeding a small country.

So we asked Kim, any drama from the groom about the wedding plans?  Her response, “Nope, he agrees with everything like the typical groom! Great right!”  Wow as all I can say.

Have you secured your venue yet?  Kim’s response, ” yes, but I don’t know if I want to announce it yet.  I’m not already.  That sounds like she isn’t to sure and she has more then one location in mind.  Or it isn’t big enough for the stadium size audience that wants to attend.

We asked about the dress and how dress shopping is going? Kim, ” I was going to go shopping but someone offered to design me a wedding dress.”  Unbelievable.

Now for a typical every day person that may be your mother, your aunt, your grandmother or a cousin.  But we are talking about Kim Tumey here, so that could be any recognizable brand designer, it may be coming from Italy, France, who knows?  All I know is we had some offers here in NY for her already so here begins the problem.  Or is it a problem?

If that is the extent of her problem,Image getting to many offers for her dress then I think we haven’t seen nothing yet.  It may turn out to be a runway show.  She may have to change several times before the evening is over.

Well ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for the next episode of “The Race To The Alter-starring Kim Tumey.”

Committed to Love

Kim Tumey, Publist, Celebrity Broker, are some of her titles, some of her responsibilities are casting, management, event planning and negotiates deals on behalf of celebrities for movie roles, commercials, plays and endorsement deals.

Some of her past and present clients that you may recognize are actress Vivica A. Fox, actor Omar Benson Miller (CSI:Miami), actor Brian White (Men of a Certain Age, 12 Rounds, The Game Plan), Sean Blakemore (General Hospital, Star Trek Sequal, Motives), Boris Kodjoe, Morris Chestnut, Darrin Dewitt Henson (Soul Food, The Express, Tekken), Neo Soul artist Dwele ,actress Elise Neal, NLBM, Churchill Downs and the famous Kennedy- Shriver & Hearst families just to name a few.  No one to major, you don’t say… Hahaha.

If some of those names aren’t big enough for her she is now adding one more client to her roster of brilliant people, Robert Davis, former actor of Nash Bridges (1996-2001) who presently has no connection to the entertainment industry other then his soon to be bride. Don’t be surprised if he gets back into the game. This green eyed, brown skin, charmer, is a blue collar worker in the oil business in the Gulf.  His starring role “HUSBAND TO BE”.  She is also adding one more title to her already extensive resume, “BRIDE TO BE”.  Yes Tumey is tying the knot.

This is all being done as she cares for the needs of her celebrity clientele.  Wow.  The only thing we can say is “This must be Love”.

It is with great pleasure that the staff or World Bride Magazine follow her on her journey as she plans her nuptials. My concerns are:  Is this going to be a wedding or the Oscars?  What will the guest list look like?  Where will the papparazi be hiding?  This is definitely the making of a serious reality show.

This may be the royal wedding of Atlanta!  Already she is getting messages from greats like Vivica A. Fox. Message of love,

Kim Tumey’s past event guest have included David Curso (CSI Miami), Omar Benson Miller (CSI: Miami), Cindy Crawford (Super Model), Russell Crowe (actor), Star Jones, Tom Arnold (actor), Angela Bassett (actress), MLB’s Curtis Granderson (Detroit Tigers) and Dontrelle Willis (Florida Marlins), singer/ actress Ashanti, singer Ciara, R&B artist Trey Songz, actor Matthew Perry and more.

If her events speak for what she does can you imagine what her guest list would look like at her wedding.  I don’t want front row seats, I want back row so I can see every single person that come to this gala.

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Bonnie and Clyde- Got Hitched.

Well the gig is up.  Bonnie and Clyde finally tied the knot.   They are done and it was amazing.    The Last 72 hours proved to be the challenge before the big shake down.

72 hours before the brides maids still had not finalized their attire…. tick tock tick tock I smell danger…….. Friday night 5 out of the 10 were still trying to determine if they had to go out and purchase dresses for the wedding.

Friday night was girls night out at Cure Beauty Bar in Brooklyn (www.  wine and spirits to relax the moment by Communal Brands ( food to absorb the liquor by Akin Catering Services. Cure provided the ladies with mani’s and pedi’s as they Mariella, Maria, and Melissa directed by Nicole.

Saturday proved to be another stunning day and final touches the the location, High Bar directed by Tammy Polatsek of Aristocratic Design (  Then To rehersal dinner, then we headed to the Michelangelo Hotel in mid-town Manhattan in New York City.

The wedding day was filled to last minute details before the big show down.  Congratulations Andre and Latoya “Brown”.

michalangeloNew york City May 25...Door Entrance at the High BarDSCF0032Minister Brown overlooks final paper workDJ Beverly Bond Spins the wheels of steel

First Dance

First Dance

Beautiful guest observe

Beautiful guest observe

Brides Maids enjoying the moment

Brides Maids enjoying the moment

The beautiful guest fill the roomDSCF0050

Divas in Waiting

Divas in Waiting



Beauty at its Finest- Latoya Scott Brown- AKA Bonnie

Beauty at its Finest- Latoya Scott Brown- AKA Bonnie

Gorgeous in every language

Gorgeous in every language

Meet the Browns..

Meet the Browns..

Tony and Kamey pose for my camera.....

Tony and Kamey pose for my camera.....

Brides Maid Z, Paper Magazine Editor pose for the camera

Brides Maid Z, Paper Magazine Editor pose for the camera

Strike a  pose

Strike a pose

Fashionably chic guest

Fashionably chic guest

I Mingle with guest they are all having a blast

I Mingle with guest they are all having a blast

Guest enjoy the food at High Bar

Guest enjoy the food at High Bar

Drinks non-stop

Drinks non-stop

Beautiful Jessica Setford gives us face with her hot boy

Kamey Butler my link to Latoya and Andre one of our greatest weddings

Kamey Butler what a great soul

Cake cutting time

The Bride Shows me some love...

The Bride Shows me some love...

Giraffe Hotel is New York Sexy

Holiday’s in New York is great. Summers in New York is Sexy-Hotel Giraffe has is one of the the hot spots for couples who want a romantic escape in New York City. The boutique hotel that is a stylish and sophisticated urban oasis with a superb location and gracious service in the heart of city has introduced three different packages, each at special savings, for romantic rendezvous… choose one to ignite, re-kindle, or celebrate the passion.

Do Not Disturb
Rekindle the romance with an aphrodisiac inspired getaway. From a sensual kit featuring a lavender scented massage oil, body tie and a sexy scenario spinner game, to exotic truffles and a bottle of pink champagne, this package provides all the ingredients for a perfect passion igniting experience.

This past Valentines Day they served up some treats for the you love birds. The Do Not Disturb Package Includes:

• Overnight accommodations in a Deluxe Room with a Queen bed
• An assortment of Vosges exotic truffles
• A chilled bottle of Moet Chandon pink champagne
• A Naughty Weekender kit
• In-room breakfast service
• Rose petal turndown
• Late 2pm check-out
• Complimentary Wine & Cheese reception (Monday-Saturday evenings)
• Complimentary passes to nearby New York Sports Club
• A Do Not Disturb sign…that’s guaranteed to be used

Sensually Suite
Looking for something a bit more extravagant? Hotel Giraffe can provide an equally romantic alternative with the Sensually Suite Escape which includes:

• Overnight accommodations in a beautifully appointed one bedroom Suite
• In-room side-by-side couple’s massages with therapists from the Oasis Day Spa
• Chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne
• Chocolate-dipped strawberries
• Rose petal turndown
• Complimentary European style breakfast
• Complimentary Wine & Cheese reception (Monday-Saturday evenings)
• Complimentary passes to nearby New York Sports Club
• Late 2pm check-out

Kiss & Tell
The most luxurious package includes a stay in the Penthouse Piano Suite that was used as Mr. Big’s apartment in the movie Sex and the City. The spacious 1,300 sq ft suite features panoramic views, a working fireplace, a private terrace and of course, a baby grand piano. Kiss & Tell package includes:

• Overnight accommodations
• In-room side-by-side couples massages with therapists from the Oasis Day Spa
• Chilled Bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne
• Chocolate-dipped Strawberries
• Rose petal turndown
• Dinner for two catered from iTrulli restaurant in the privacy of the Penthouse Suite.
• Private sedan transportation to and from guest’s location (within 25 miles each way)
• Complimentary European style breakfast
• Complimentary Wine & Cheese reception (Monday-Saturday evenings)
• Complimentary passes to nearby New York Sports Club
• Late 2pm check-out

Hotel Giraffe’s inspired public spaces and award winning guestrooms create an immediate sense of effortless luxury and unparalleled comfort. In the Grande Lobby, guests enjoy HKHotels signature hospitality such as complimentary refreshments all day including deluxe European-style breakfast buffets and evening wine & cheese receptions.

The summer sizzles with great cool packages :

For reservations or additional information call toll-free: 877-296-0009, e-mail: or visit the website at: Hotel Giraffe is located at 365 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016.

09 Bonnie and Clyde….

latoya-and-andre When do you know it’s right? Especially when its not your first time. Life in itself is a challenge, working, dealing with ones day to day needs, planning and managing a career, to say the least. So now you add the challenge of marriage. Sharing your life with someone is a selfless act. Your every thought, decisions involves the well being of another.  How do you know when the person is right for you? When loving the person becomes “Effortless”. That was the word Super Model Andre Brown had to say about his beau Latoya Scott.
I met with this wonderful young couple for dinner it was magical.   Not in a fairy tale sort of way, in the way that only could happen in New York City and in the Fashion Industry.
Boy sees girl, boy approaches girl and boy fakes being lost to get girls attention, girl falls for it and love is destine to blossom.
Well it wasn’t that simple but something like that, Andre confessed to following her from work and didn’t know how to approach her so he faked needing direction to get her attention. Lovely……
We we will take the final journey with this great couple as they plan their nuptials. They were originally planning a wedding in the Caribbean, but due to unforeseen circumstances they decided to plan their great day in New York City.  The overtone of the economy also played a role in addition to not wanting to add further stress to themselves or their loved ones.  So they shift gears and began planning their wedding right in the heart of New York City where they fell in love, and at the perfect NYC location, The High Bar.  Not a bad place to settle for; The High Bar is over looking the New York City sky line in midtown Manhattan.  This chic New York Hot Spot suits the fabulous life that this young couple represent and all they will bring.  Dress, by famous New York Designer Youlin, the race to meet this May 2009 nuptial deadline begins.  With so much they need to do I was amazed that this Caribbean beauty was not pulling her hair from its roots.  Still needing Florist, location decor, hair stylist, dj, transportation, hotel accomadation, I was  puzzled as to why she was so calm.  Latoya’s response, “I work in fashion.  I deal with frantic models designers, shows every day, this is a walk in the park.”  Need I say more, stay tuned as we follow them through all their wedding plans.  Another question that I asked and the response moved me, ” how do you know this is the last one?”, since they were both previously married.  Andre’s response was because “We like each other, enjoy each others company, ride or die”. Nough said!

Stay tuned as we follow The 09 Bonnie and Clyde through all their wedding plans.

Bridal Bliss- Indulgence- Diamonds, Chocolate and Champagne

February has many meanings to different people. Harsh winter, short month, Celebration of Black history month and last but not least the month of “amour”.

In the bridal industry November through February is the highest point of engagements and romantic winter weddings.

This month awakens all the senses that may have been hibernating during these past cold winter months. Sight, the engagement ring, diamonds, semi-precious stones, jewelry, are often gifts of choice. Taste, chocolates, champagne, and strawberries -the seductive tools of the tongue. Smell, Roses, and perfumes, lotions and candles, the taunters of ones sense of smell. Sound, to hear the words that melt the heart and evoke other senses that lead to last but not least Touch. Silks, Satins ,lace and other luxury goods. That only fashion can adequately satisfy.

This is the time couples would steal moments to revitalize their love or to reconfirm their relationship. This may have also been the time to propose a new level to the relationship.

Where ever you are in your relationship some things that may assist you in expressing your love:

Diamonds date as far back as some 3,000.00 years to India. It was there that it was probably discovered that the precious and beautiful stone had the ability to retract light. In those days, diamonds was used for two ways decorative purposes and as talisman to ward off evil or provide protection in battle. In The Middle ages it was thought to be used for its healing powers.
Today, diamonds, is the worthy symbol to celebrate ones lifelong commitment of love. Tiffany & Co., Movado, David Yurman and H.Stern are there to assist in that area.

Chocolates, coming from the Cacao tree was discovered some 2, 000 years ago in the tropical rainforest’s of the Americas. The first people known to have made chocolate were from the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America-Maya and Aztec. The early lovers of chocolate mixed this seed with various seasons to make a spicy frothy drink. It was the Spaniards that brought the seeds back home and new recipes were created and thus chocolate became a hit. Today Noka Chicaneries, Jean Philippe Patisserie, Emily’s Fortune of Love and Astor have further developed this seductive sweet pleasure.

Wash down this treat with sparkling wine to the elite Champagne. Originating from French monks, named after the Champagne region of France. It was Frere Jean-Oudart and Dom Pierre Pegnon, Benedictine monks and cellar masters that created a method of “mousse” another name for bubbles.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit our webWorld Bride Magazine- Indulgencesite and request a free copy of our Indulgence booklet to view and be seduced by some of our favorite retailers. Register and get your free copy at

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